Projects: Environment

sonde RF link

Designed microprocessor-based units that use licence-exempt RF transmitters and receivers to enable a Sonde environmental probe to be interrogated remotely. The system was designed to run from batteries and with a very low average power consumption. This work was performed for a UK government organisation.

solar-powered illuminated traffic sign controller

ICC designed a controller to illuminate a TR2136C-compliant LED-based traffic sign to an appropriate brightness for the ambient light level when a speeding vehicle is detected. The unit controls the charging of batteries from a solar panel and provides a serial connection for set up and uploading logged data.

methane monitoring system

System engineering for a solar powered methane monitor for landfill sites. The system used a GSM modem to allow remote access to data logs and real time information gathered in a central data concentrator via a license exempt wireless network of sensors distributed over the site.

drinking water dosing system

ICC provided software development support for a chlorine dosing and monitoring system used by water utilities. Logged and real time data was made available remotely via GSM modem. A closed loop PID algorithm for dosing control was also developed.

hand-held gas detection unit

ICC took over and completed the software for a hand-held gas detection unit.

sluice gate control

Developed software for a system based on an Allen-Bradley SLC500 series PLC, which included the use of both electrical and hydraulic actuators to operate river sluice gates. This multi-site project required totally automated control of river levels on one section of an important waterway and included telemetry to allow operation locally and remotely


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