Projects: Industrial

Industrial SCADA system

This ongoing software project for a major supplier of control systems supports alarm condition monitoring and logging, data logging, and communication with a variety of controllers using a number of protocols. A central unit may be connected to a number of graphical user interfaces directly, via a modem or via the Internet. The central unit software is written in C++ and runs on an embedded PC under Windows XP Embedded. One graphical user interface runs under Windows NT and is also written in C++, another interface is implemented as a Java applet and communicates using a streaming XML protocol.

XML gateway

ICC developed both the hardware and the software for a unit providing an XML interface to an industrial network. The unit collects status and alarm information from a number of industrial controllers using an RS485 multidrop link, which it makes available via a streaming XML protocol over TCP/IP.

Proprietary industrial communications network

This comms system developed for a control systems company offered reliable point-to-point and global message delivery at the lowest level. Layered on top of this was a group addressing scheme based on pattern matching of controller attributes, and support for a remote procedure call mechanism.

SNMP interface

Development of an SNMP protocol converter for industrial controllers to allow these to be connected to an end user's asset management system.

Supermarket system controllers

ICC has worked on hardware and software for a range of supermarket systems including embedded controllers for a variety of refrigerated cabinets, compressor paks, water chillers and a refrigerant gas leak detector.


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