Services: Capability

We can help with the whole design, development, production and product maintenance life cycle.

We are happy to assist with any or all of the stages described below.

Before a development has started we can assist with the preparation of feasibility studies, provide advice on possible technical and commercial forward paths, and estimate development and production costs.

Once it has been decided that a development should go ahead we can help by writing accurate, clear and concise requirement and functional specifications.

During the development phase we can design electronics, lay out printed circuit boards, write firmware for any micro-controllers, microprocessors or programmable logic devices and write software for PC or browser based user interfaces. We also have experience of gaining approvals, testing and preparation of associated technical construction files.

If the system requires it we can also develop software for industrial PCs, or for programmable logic controllers.

During the production phase we can, if required, manage the component sourcing and purchasing, production and testing of boards or systems. For some customers we have also provided telephone and email technical support.


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